Naming His Gifts: #66-#76

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As each week passes, I am beginning to learn to see His gifts in each day.  I know I tend to give thanks for the good things, the easy things, in my days…but the Lord is opening my eyes to even see His gifts in the hard things, the messy things, in my days.  Everything we have, we experience, we are…is a gift.  Our very breath is a gift.  May each of us live with our eyes wide open to the gifts around us each day!





His Gifts ~ #66-#76

white snow

my husband’s smile

writing letters to our Compassion children

a beautiful snowflake

having little helpers in the kitchen

seeing my children enjoy learning

a beautiful sunset of pink, purple, orange, blue, green

a huge box of apples ready to make into sauce

a letter received from one of our Compassion children

sunlight that makes the day bright

a full week of no sickness

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Photos:  writing letters and lots of snow at our house this week!

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  1. I’m here from Ann’s today. First – what an amazing shot of that snowflake – wow. My favorite from your thankful list is this one … a beautiful snowflake (just cause it bears repeating – wow – what a miracle God’s handiwork is – the closer we look – the more intricate – only a Divine Creator makes a whole universe full of such wonder) Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day. God Bless and Keep you and your family

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