How I decorate my home

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Since moving away from home to go to college, I have not lived close to my parents.  I grew up in the Northwest and went to college in Iowa.  I met my husband in college, got married, and have lived in the Midwest ever since.    It has been hard over the years to be so far away from my family, but I know the Lord has taught me many things through it all.

However, this summer we were able to help my parents move out here…only 15 minutes from us now!  What is really neat about it is that they are living in the home that we bought when we moved to Kansas.  My dad has been a pastor since I was little and just this summer retired.  Now they are enjoying making the house their “home”.

My mom is a decorator.  Both of my parents love going to antique shops and buying old furniture.  My dad is so good at fixing things up.  My mom comes up with ideas of how they can use a certain piece of furniture and then my dad goes to work.  They have created some amazing things over the years!  Really!  For example, we had some old doors in the garage at their house that we had taken out of the house when we remodeled (when we lived there).  They used the old doors to make a headboard for their bed.  I can’t wait to see it!

It has been so much fun watching my parents fix up our old home.  They have it decorated so cute with lots of old stuff..I love it!

Well, I was talking to my mom recently and she was telling me that a friend of hers had called and they were talking about all the decorating that they had done in their new home.  My mom’s friend asked my mom if I decorated my home like that too.  You have to understand that I am NOT a decorator….at least I didn’t think I was.  I look around my home and there are just a few pictures on the walls…nothing fancy.

But my mom’s answer to my friend made me think twice about my “decorating” skills.

My mom said, “No…Sheri decorates her home with children, books, and toys.”

Yup..that’s me!  I so appreciated my mom’s response.  It put things into perspective in my own mind about what kind of home I am building.

My home is decorated with children, books, and toys and I love it!

No, it isn’t like my mom’s cutely decorated home, but this is my home, decorated with the things that for this season of my life, make this house our “home”.

Decorated with children doing crafts…painting….

…making bird feeders…

…and just having fun together.

What about your house?  Are you decorating it with the things that matter?

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  1. Love this post! My mom is awesome at taking old junk from yard sales and goodwill and seeing their potential for decoration...even when she doesn't know yet what she will do with them. I am like you...a few pictures on the wall....mostly ones that my kids drew or found somewhere. A few posters for school related stuff...maps, history timeline, ABC's. I've always thought that I would decorate once all of the kids grew up but I think by then I will already have grandchildren so I'm glad to know that I can decorate with kids and toys and craft supplies. It sure takes the pressure off!
  2. I needed to hear that. I have felt discouraged by my lack of decorating skills and a nice looking home, but I'm putting my time and energy into things that really matter--people. What a great perspective!
    1. Thanks for sharing Tammy. We really do need to keep our perspective right. It is not wrong if you enjoy decorating your home and you have the time and energy for it...but when you are in a season of many children at home sometimes those things are not the most important. Have a blessed day!
  3. I like your mom's description of how your house is decorated! Even though we have only teens, our house still has duplos in the living room (because of regular babysitting for a nephew). A more specific description for our interior decorating now would be guitars, bongo drums, craft supplies, books, and teens!

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