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Compassion Bloggers: Guatemala 2010

Ann’s post this morning was so moving…yes faith…as Ann says, “…whether consciously or not, intentionally or not —  faith is always responding. Either with indifference or with intercession, either with apathy or aid.”

So I sit here asking myself what the Lord is moving me to do.  What is my response going to be?  Lord, what do you want it to be?  I don’t want to be indifferent and apathetic….

I want a live a real faith…a radical faith…that does everything “In Jesus Name”.  What about you?  What is He leading you to do?

To see a huge slideshow of pictures from Gautemala this week, click here.

It makes it so real when you see pictures of these ones living in such poverty…and yet they lift their hands to praise Him.

When I see these pictures, I see my own Jhonny and Sonia (our sponsored children in Bolivia)…in similar conditions and my heart breaks.  Oh the difference we can make in these children’s lives…bringing them not only food and clothes and an education, but true living hope in Jesus!

Click here if the Lord is leading you to make a difference in a child’s life.

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