Laying Down My Isaac

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I have been reading in Genesis lately and one passage has been on my mind a lot…the passage about Abraham and Isaac. This has always been a hard passage for me as I consider what it would have been like if I was in Abraham’s place and wondering how I would have handled it. As I pondered this passage over the past several days, the Lord has brought some things to mind…

What are some things that God has promised to me..things I have prayed for and the Lord answered my prayers and granted them?

These “Isaacs” in my life…have I “gone up the mountain” and surrendered these to the Lord? Have I given them back to Him?

Do I think that I can hang onto them since “the Lord gave them to me”?

Is the Lord asking me to “go up the mountain” with my Isaac and give back to Him what is rightfully His? Am I willing to do that?

God had promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. God provided a son, Isaac, to Abraham and Sarah in their old age…an answer to their prayers. Yet, in spite of that promise, God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on an altar.

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of “Isaacs” in my life:

  • a wonderful husband
  • five beautiful children
  • having the privilege to homeschool
  • a beautiful home
  • good health

I could go on and on…I’m sure you can think of things that you have specifically prayed for and the Lord has granted to you too.

Now the question that the Lord seems to be asking me…”Sheri, have you laid down your Isaacs? Have you given them over to me? Are you trusting Me to keep My promises in spite of what I ask you to do?”

Just as Abraham probably could not understand why the Lord would ask him to sacrifice Isaac in light of the promise…I probably won’t understand why the Lord asks me to do certain things either. The Lord simply wants me to trust Him and surrender all I am and all I have to Him.

Surrender…once Isaac was on the altar to be sacrificed, the Lord stopped Abraham from harming him. Isaac was given back to Abraham and the promise was fulfilled.

I have so much to learn about surrender. I want to trust Him for the outcomes…simply trusting and obeying Him in the day to day things. I absolutely cannot hang onto what is not mine. It is only through surrendering it all to Him that the blessings can come and His will accomplished in my life.

What about you? Do you have some “Isaacs” in your life? Have you been “up the mountain” with them? If not, I encourage you to do so today!

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  1. I don't know if this qualifies or not (and I apologize to anyone who has read my story on another site already). I was married and got divorced. Two years ago, God 'told' me I should reconcile with my ex. Last month I remarried him. During the period after my divorce, I prayed that, if it was God's will, I would find and marry a man with whom I could have a happy marriage, like the one modeled for us by Mary and Joseph. Not necessarily one that was all smiles and joy, for I know that life and people aren't perfect. However, I wanted a marriage full of love, one that would demonstrate was marriage was supposed to be to my children. After my divorce, I met two different men who had possibilites. However, I never dated or was courted by either of them. It never really got to that point. There was something missing. Then in 2008 God answered my prayer with an answer I didn't want to hear. I fought it - big time. I was being asked to remarry a man who done some terrible things to himself, me and our marriage. I had to surrender my vision of what I wanted - or maybe even expected. I know have to trust and surrender every day he leaves for work. Will he come home today? Will he be hurt or even killed on the job? (He took the time during our divorce to discover and train for a dangerous new career). I have to face the fact that I could lose him again every time he walks out that door. But I have to rely on the fact that God answered my prayer by putting my family back together.

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