IHP 022: Free Online Tool to Get Your Kids Writing

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Intentional Home Podcast

This is Episode #022 and today we will be talking about a really neat free online tool you can use to get your kids writing every day.

My Notes:

The tool that I am talking about is called 280Daily.

How to Use 280Daily:

  • Create a free account.
  • Login daily and type 280 words (or less).
  • Export your entries to a PDF file when you are done.

How your kids can use this tool:

1 – Daily Journal

2 – Gratitude Journal

3 – Record fun facts about a topic of interest

4 – Record something new they learned that day.

5 – Write a story

6 – Write poetry

7 – Record favorite quotes

8 – Record favorite recipes

9 – Free Write

10 – Typing practice

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