Another new penmanship ebook added (an Italics one!) and other news!

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I just added another new ebook in the Create Your Own Penmanship Pages ebook series….using the Benson Slant Font that is very similar to the Getty-Dubay Italic font!

Click here or on the cover graphic above to go to the product for sample pages and more details!


Cursive Version???

I have had several email me requesting a cursive version be added to this ebook series.  The problem I am having is that cursive fonts need to connect.  The fonts that I am using in these ebooks (that I purchased) require a special step in order to make the cursive letters connect to each other.  I am not able to do that by embedding the font in the fields for you to type into.  I can create ready-made ebooks for cursive (which I was thinking of doing to use with my older children who need more practice in cursive writing), but I cannot format the fields in the editable PDF files so that you can type the cursive letters and have them connect to each other.  The cursive fonts that I do have that connect ok are restricted by licensing so that I cannot use them.

So I guess what I am saying is that there will NOT be a cursive version in this ebook series :(.  However, is there interest in a ready-made ebook on cursive writing?  I am thinking of something that has short lessons and can be used for young children as well as older children.  Please leave a comment if there is interest and I’ll make this ebook more of a priority.  I know many of you are planning for next school year, so I want to be sure to get these completed if there is a need for them.


Thank you to many who have emailed and left me comments on this series.  There has been a great response to these ebooks so there must be a need for them!  It has been a lot of fun to do and I pray that they will bless you as you prepare for your homeschool year.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

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