Ever wish life would get back to “normal”?

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Have you ever caught yourself saying something like this, “Boy, I sure will be glad when things get back to normal!” I know I have said it many times in my life. But what is “normal”, really?

Ever wish life would get back to "normal"?

Our lives are always changing and while we can set routines in place to provide some consistency in our lives, circumstances and struggles always come our way to veer us off our path of “normal” and onto a path we are not comfortable with or content with. You all know the kinds of struggles I am talking about — a loved one passes away, you experience a sudden job change, you or a loved one suffers with health issues, relationship troubles, and the list could go on and on.

The Lord has really been challenging me recently with how to live this life — when things don’t feel “normal” to me. I find myself wishing that things would change back to the way they were before.

But the Lord is showing me that each day is a gift from Him. While many things in our lives can change — our health, our housing, our jobs, etc. — there is one thing that doesn’t change. There is one thing that is always “normal” about our days — that Jesus is always there with us. Emmanuel — God with us!

I don’t want to live these days always wishing things were different than they are, that we didn’t have to go through such and such, or that this struggle would just go away. When I am living like that, I am dwelling in either the past or the future. I am not living for today.

Sometimes “normal” to me is simply the way I want things to be. But really I need to be grasping for the “normal” in the everyday of God’s presence with me.

So many people I know are going through difficult times, including some of my own family and friends. It is easy to get down and overburdened with the troubles we face here on this earth.

But let us not forget the “normal” that is right there in front of us each and every day! No matter what we may be facing, we can count on God’s presence being with us — encouraging, guiding, and sometimes even carrying us through the hard times.

So when you are tempted to say, “Boy, I sure will be glad when things get back to normal!”, remember that today is normal.

Thank the Lord for the gift that today is, and rest in His ever abiding presence with you. Learn to get used to the “normal” that each day brings, and find your rest in Him alone.


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