Announcing…Sarah’s Photography Creations!

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I am so excited to let you guys in on a little project that my oldest daughter has been working on.  One of the fun benefits of homeschooling is allowing our children to develop their interests.  Well, it has been a true joy to watch my oldest daughter develop some of the gifts and talents that God has given her.  Sarah graduated from our homeschool this past May and is learning all she can about photography (just one of her many interests!).  She loves to photograph people as well as nature.

As she is “learning the ropes” of photography, she decided to open up a Cafepress shop and share some of her beautiful photography with you through creative gifts (journals, note cards, bags, etc.) you can purchase.  Her desire is to bless and encourage through beautiful photography and Scripture.

You can join her newsletter list to receive updates when she adds new products or when there are special sales, etc.  For joining her list, Sarah has created a beautiful bookmark printable that you can print, laminate, and keep or give as gifts.  You will receive this fun gift via email after joining the list.  Sarah has some fun projects she is working on, so be sure to join her list or check back often to see all the new things she has created!

Click here to visit her store.  


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  1. Wow sheri, you must be so proud. Your daughters website is great and her talent is so obvious. Love the wonderful items she has there for sale~ May the Lord bless her in her venture.
  2. very nice page but Bob has some serious grey hair lol just kidding things are looking good :) your family looks great and your daughter is very talented and do you have Tims Phone Number

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