Yesterday’s Classics Ebook Package {225 titles!} – On Sale!

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I am SO excited to share with you this wonderful collect of ebooks by Yesterday’s Classics.  I bought this collection this summer to use in our homeschool.  There are 225 titles that cover a wide range of topics including American History, World History, ancient history, literature, poetry, nature, science, Bible stories, readers, and so much more!

We have already read through several of the ebooks in our own home.  We are loving the American History Stories series by Mara Pratt.  They are just excellent and hold my children’s attention.  I have many more added to my list that we will be reading later this school year.

What I love the best about this set is that it comes in either Kindle or ePub formats!  I do love ebooks, but for books that we will be reading (not a workbook type ebook) I hate printing it out, binding it, and then not knowing what to do with it once we read it!  Now I can just load the ebooks on my Kindle that I want us to read together and we are set!

Another thing I like about this set is that it comes with printable lists of all the books that have been sorted several different ways…by author, by genre, by age, etc.  This makes it very easy to find books that are appropriate for the age of your children.  If your children have their own Kindles, you could load the ebooks for each child onto their Kindle and they would have exactly what their reading material will be all in one place.

This set of 225 ebooks come as downloadable Kindle or ePub files.  You get to choose which format you want to buy.

I have only touched the surface of what is included with this set.  You really just need to head on over to their site to see for yourself all the ebooks included.  They have all the ebooks listed by category (like in the graphic shown above), with cover graphics and short descriptions.

I saved the best for last….this complete set of 225 ebooks only costs $49.95!  If you were to buy all these ebooks separately as Kindle or ePub files, you would spend over $600!  If you bought the softcovers of all the ebooks, you would spend over $2,000!

As you can see, this is a steal of a deal!  I plan on using these ebooks on my Kindle for years to come.  As I always say…so many books…so little time :)!

Click here to check out the Yesterday’s Classics Ebook Package today!

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