Proverbs People Book & Audio {Review}

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I am so excited to share about another great resource to use for family Bible study or personal Bible study for older children and adults.  Rick and Marilyn Boyer have written some wonderful studies on the book of Proverbs called Proverbs People.  Two workbooks are available and they include short-answer questions, example stories, fun quizzes, application questions, and coloring pages teaching character qualities found in Proverbs.

Book 1 teaches the following character qualities:

“The Five Fools”
“The Prudent Man”
“The Wise Man”
“Liar/Faithful Witness”

Book 2 teaches the following character qualities:

“Virtuous Woman vs. Contentious Woman”
“Proud vs. Humble”
“Fearful vs. Trusting”
“Angry Man vs. Patient Man”
“Content vs. Covetous”
“Cruel vs. Merciful”
“Flatterer vs. Honest”

These books are geared for ages 8-12, but they would be great to use as a family devotional as well.  I love the fact that you can order these as ebooks which makes them reusable for multiple children!  Personally, I am looking forward to using these books in our devotion time with the kids.  What a fun way to introduce and study these character qualities and work on them together as a family.

Another neat resource that you can get to go along with your study in Proverbs is the Uncle Rick reads the Proverbs CD!  Uncle Rick (Rick Boyer) reads the entire book of Proverbs along with sharing some commentary along the way.  You and your kids will love it!  This is available as a CD or audio download.


Now for those of you would are interested in purchasing some of these great resources from the Boyers, they are running some special coupon codes that expire today (6/22/11)!  CLICK HERE to go to their website to get the coupon codes….then CLICK HERE to see more details on the Proverbs People and Audio CD!

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