New Softcover Books Coming Soon!

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I am so excited about some new softcover books that will be coming soon! These will be available on Amazon once I receive my proof copies and approve them for publication. Can’t wait!

Here are the new books that will available soon…

Draw & Write - A Gratitude Journal for Children

Draw & Write – A Gratitude Journal for Children – My other Draw & Write – A Journal for Children book that is currently on Amazon has been hugely popular, so I decided to do some more! These first two books are gratitude journals that children can use to write out 1000 things they are thankful for. Also included on each page is a huge drawing area in the middle where the child can add drawings to go along with their gratitude list. Both this book and the next one are exactly the same, but with different covers. I thought it would be nice to offer one for girls and one for boys.

Draw & Write - A Gratitude Journal for Children

This is the exact same book as I described above, but with a cover that would be more appropriate for boys!


This is the next volume I have completed in The Reader’s Bible series. I should have my proof copy soon, and if everything looks great, I’ll have it available on Amazon very soon! Yeah! Now that this volume is completed, I will begin working on Vol. 3 – Poetry (Job-Song of Solomon). This volume is going to be a bit more challenging for me because I’m not quite sure how I want to handle the book of Psalms. I think out of any book in the Bible, this one might be helpful to at least put some sort of divider between each Psalm. I need to do some more thinking on that, but if you have any ideas please email me or leave a comment here! I’m open to any ideas you may have.

May each of you have a blessed Friday! I know I will be enjoying more spring-like weather today…lots of sunshine!

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