Naming His Gifts: #41-#53

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This naming of gifts is changing me…Ann was right.  I am beginning to see life through different eyes…eyes of grace…grace to see His gifts in each moment.  Some moments are hard, some are fun and exciting, but through it all I am learning that all really is grace…God’s gift to me!




My gratitude journal from this past week…

His Gifts:  #41-#53:

deep red tomatoes

my kids’ smiles

my husband is home!

a planner that keeps me organized

a sink full of warm sudsy water


the warm sun shining through the windows

a trip to the library

an armful of books to read

my little girl snuggled in bed with her doll

singing with my daughter on the piano

learning about my cravings…and being challenged

friends to sing with and laugh with

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  1. Are your kids having a guitar lesson? Who’s the teacher? That looks like a lot of fun. I wrote about a guitar lesson Molly had last week, on my blog:
    1. Hi Diane, No we just had some friends over and he plays guitar. My younger three have their own little guitars, so I asked him to bring his guitar when they came for supper. The kids had a blast playing guitar and singing with him!

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