Learn to Crochet

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When I was little, my Mom began passing on her crafting knowledge to me and my sister. I think the one skill that has stuck with me through the years and the one that I enjoy the most is crocheting.

Learn to Crochet

I especially enjoy working on small projects that are useful and don’t take a lot of time to make. Being able to complete a project in a short amount of time gives me a sense of satisfaction (of having completed something!) and joy.

Crocheting is probably one of the easier needle-working crafts to learn too! I have included some free patterns for small crochet projects here on my site and thought it would be very helpful to also include a post with basic instructions for those wanting to learn to crochet.

What You Need to Get Started

Learn to Crochet Videos

Here is a round-up type post over at Morning Chores with a bunch more “learn to crochet” videos and links to check out!

This is a series of instructional videos I found on Youtube and have included here on my site. There are 10 videos in the playlist. Just click on the little lines in the top left corner so you can scroll through all of them!

I hope you learn to enjoy crocheting as much as I do! Have fun learning!

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  1. I’ve been wanting to make some dish clothes after a friend gave me some she crocheted...I have the yarn, and needle, now I have the encouragement! So thank you for that! I will be crocheting today!! Be blessed❤️
  2. Very helpful post. I remember when I learned crocheting and I wish there were so many good resources like now - I actually enjoyed it more then knitting. I think crocheting is easier - only one stick to handle :D Now I'm doing more knitting though :) Keep up the good work ;)

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