Layers of Learning {homeschool review}

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I am beyond excited to introduce you to a “new to me” curriculum that I was introduced to a few weeks ago – Layers of Learning!

The Layers of Learning homeschool curriculum covers history, geography, science, and art/music for Grades 1-12!  The curriculum is divided up into 2-week units that cover all four areas of learning.

From their website:

The Layers of Learning Curriculum for homeschooling is divided into four year cycles, as popular in the classical method of homeschooling.   Each individual unit can also stand alone and is tied to lots of “Additional Layers” of learning as in the unit study method.  And our curriculum uses real books, living books, not text books, as in the Charlotte Mason method.  But unlike most complete curriculums we don’t give you a list of books you must read (translation: expensive purchases) or a series of scripted lesson plans with assignments you must complete.  We’ve written this so it becomes your school, your style, your curriculum. It works as well as a jumping board for unschoolers as it does for intense classical style families.

This curriculum includes:





For 1st grade through 12th all in one integrated program.

Year One is complete, Year Two is about half done.  Their plan is to have the rest of Year Two and Years Three and Four completed in the next couple years.

What I love about this curriculum is that it gives you a lot of flexibility in how you use it.  If you love reading living books, like we do, you can use the units as a guide for selecting books as you work through the units.  If you have kids that love hands on type activities, well there are a lot of ideas included!

This curriculum is fairly new and many have not even heard of it before.  But I am really excited about it and am seriously looking at incorporating it into our studies next year.

Click here to go to the Layers of Learning website today!

P.S.  They are currently offering a wonderful way for you to get this curriculum for free if you want to take the time to review it and post about using it.  Click here for the details!

P.S.S.  If you still aren’t convinced to give this curriculum a try, click here to see the Year 1, Unit 1 page where they state that you can get a coupon code to use to get this first unit for FREE by signing up for their newsletter list!  Just scroll down the page and you will see the directions!

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words Sheri. This is Karen from Layers of Learning. My sister, Michelle, and I sincerely hope you enjoy using the units as much as we do with our kiddos! Homeschooling is a constantly fun, unfolding adventure. Thanks for your inspiration and ideas! I'm your newest subscriber. (:
    1. Hi Karen! So good to have you here :). Now that we are taking a break for the summer months, I have been charting out our course for next year. I am seriously looking at using Layers of Learning to supplement our history and science studies...can't wait! Have a wonderful day!

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