Giving Thanks

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to take a little time here to encourage you.  It is easy to allow these busy (and fun) days to speed by without stopping and enjoying each moment…without giving thanks for the many gifts God has given to us each day.  It is also easy to allow the holidays to become all about “me”…and we forget to look for ways to serve others.  Here are a few ideas to consider as we head into the holidays:

1 – Begin today writing down what you are thankful for each day.  I have been using a wonderful free online tool called 280Daily to jot down some thoughts from the day and a few things I am thankful for.  It even sends me an email reminder at the end of each day…forcing me to stop and consider the day and what I am thankful for.  You can also insert one picture in each daily entry.  If you need some encouragement to begin naming the gifts from God, try 280Daily!  You will love it!

2 – Look for a way to serve in the community.  Many communities have a free Thanksgiving Dinner that is hosted by community churches.  We have helped with our local Community Thanksgiving Dinner for quite a few years now and we love it.  We have cooked turkeys, baked pies and desserts, helped serve food, washed dishes, cleared tables…it is such a blessing to “give” to others, making a difference in people’s lives.

3 – Put together Thanksgiving baskets that include a turkey, potatoes, gravy mix, stuffing mix, canned vegetables, rolls, and a pie.  Deliver the day before Thanksgiving to a family you know who may be going through some hard financial times.

4 – Serve at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.  Most larger towns have this sort of ministry that reaches out to the homeless and those in need.  Call around and ask about volunteering.  Make this a family ministry opportunity.

5 – Invite a young family or a college student over for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Look around at your church or in your neighborhood for a young family or a college student who may be miles from family and have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving.  Invite them over for Thanksgiving Dinner and games afterwards.

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