FREE Blogging Bundle for Moms {Everything you need to build a successful blog!}

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Everything You Need To Build A Successful Blog

If you have been considering starting a blog, this bundle will be a HUGE help! You can get all these ebooks for FREE, plus you will have the opportunity to sign up for their blogging services (hosting, setting up your blog, etc.) for a hugely discounted price.

I just received my bundle and can’t wait to dig in and learn some new things.

Grab your free blogging bundle today!

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  1. Hi, even with your fixed link the page does not have any way of entering your information. It says in a couple of spots enter your Info here but there is nowhere to enter it. The only things that work are the header taking you to the home page and the send us an email link. I have emailed them but have not yet had a response.
    1. Actually I then tried opening the page in different browsers and finally Internet Explorer worked, Chrome and Firefox didn't. Go figure!
      1. Hi Sarah, So sorry you had trouble with it! I use Chrome and it worked fine for me. That is strange though. I'm glad you got it to work finally, because it is a really neat bundle of ebooks!
  2. I see anywhere how to request or download the free blogging ebooks where the above link sent me.
    1. Hi Marni! I am SO sorry! I had the link wrong. I have it fixed, so the links in my post will take you to the right page. Enjoy!

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