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I just sent out this note to my Newsletter List and wanted to make my blog readers aware of these changes as well!  Thank you for grace and understanding as I walk in obedience to what the Lord is showing me.

As I shared in the January newsletter, the Lord has me on a journey to “simplify” this year. One of the areas that I have been praying about is how to handle my monthly newsletter. After much prayer, I have come to the decision that I will be moving the content that I normally would have put together into articles for my newsletter list, over to my blog.

I still look forward to sharing with you my journey this year as I simplify a different area of my life each month. But instead of putting together articles each month, I will instead be blogging about this journey the Lord has me on.

Newsletters will only be sent out when I have a special announcement or new product to let you know about.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog, where I post on homemaking and homeschooling topics, as well as share recipes, product sales, freebies, etc.

I have already written a couple posts on simplifying my daily schedule. You can find them on my blog here:

So…if you are not currently subscribed to my blog, click on the link above to head on over to my blog right now. You will see a button in the right sidebar to subscribe. You can either receive daily emails, or subscribe in your favorite reader. I pray you can join me as I blog what the Lord is doing in my life during this coming year.

Watch for an announcement coming real soon about the brand new Intentional Planner Membership Site! I am almost ready to launch! Yeah!

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