Book Review: Sisters in Time Series

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One of the things I bought from Library and Educational Services was several books from a series called Sisters in Time. I bought these for my daughter to read for American History next year. My daughter has actually started reading one of them (Sarah’s New World, pictured at the left) and loves it! They are Christian books as well, so faith is weaved into the story line.

This is just one example of the lovely books you can purchase at Library and Educational Services. I bought these books for $2.79 each!

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  1. I'm still looking for the Sisters in Time website with the vocab lists, games, etc. that was mentioned, but this link doesn't seem to be the one. Any help?
    1. Hi Melinda, Sorry, but it looks like that link is no longer good. I removed it from the post. That is a bummer, as the vocab lists and games were really neat! Oh well...still love this series of books!
  2. These books are nice, but they are a copy of the American Adventure Series. Only 3 of the 23 books are different and not included in the 48 book set of the AA Series. Just trying to keep people from buying something they might already have like we did.

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