Motherhood Lessons from Matthew {Part 3} – Blessed so that we can bless others

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A while back as I was reading through Matthew, the Lord brought some new insight into the story of when Jesus fed the 5,000. Before when I have read this passage, the Lord showed me that like this boy who brought his lunch to Jesus…this lunch that seemed so small to feed so many…so are we when we bring Jesus what we have. Jesus can take our “little” lives and transform them to do great things for Him.

The new thing the Lord showed me was that when Jesus fed the 5,000 it says that the people ate until they were satisfied..and there were 12 baskets of food left over.

This tells me that these people did not stuff themselves, but simply ate until they were satisfied…ate what they needed.

They didn’t try to take some of the food with them just because there was some left over.

They didn’t try to hoard it for themselves, but left it there so the disciples could gather it up.

What the Lord impressed on my heart through this passage was that He takes our lives and blesses us…sometimes beyond what we really “need”…and He wants us to then in turn give the “extra” away!

This boy who brought Jesus his lunch probably thought that he would not be eating it since there were so many people to feed. He was willing to give it all up to Jesus.

What did he get in return?

He was fed until he was satisfied…with an abundance left over.

So it is with us.

As we surrender EVERYTHING to Him…come and lay it at His feet…He can take what we bring and bless it – multiply it – to not only bless us, but so that we can bless others!

This challenged me, to not only be willing to totally surrender everything to Him in total faith and trust in Him, but to look for ways to give to others out of the abundance the Lord has blessed me with. How about you? Have you surrendered everything to Him? If the Lord has blessed you beyond measure, are you in turn blessing others out of that abundance?

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