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I am so excited to bring you this “expanded” version of my Intentional Monthly Planner. Since I first created that monthly planner, I have had some express an interest in having something similar but with weekly pages. Personally, I was finding that as my kids got older, I needed a bit more space to write in their daily activities.

So the Intentional Weekly Planner was born!

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This particular planner is available in two versions — one comes with lined weekly pages and the other just has clean empty boxes (see below for samples).

While these calendars can be used to keep track of events, appointments, birthdays, etc., I plan on using them to track our homeschool work. Yes, I am a homeschool mom as well and have four children that I am still homeschooling.

My plan is to use one planner for each child. For my younger children, I will write what we do each day onto the weekly calendars. Some work will be planned out ahead of time and other things will be written in at the end of the day. Older children can use the planner to plan out their own schedule.

Monthly calendars are provided at the beginning of each month that you can use to record any appointments or other items that you want to remember. I have also included a page on the back of each monthly calendar where you can record your goals, to do lists, and notes for that month.

Behind each monthly calendar you will find the weekly planner pages. The simple, basic layout provides lots of room to write and record your days.

There are two different versions of this planner available — one has blank boxes on the weekly planner pages, the other has lines in the boxes (see below).


Lined pages are included at the back of the planner for any other items you may want to record. Since I am using these for homeschooling, I plan on have a list of books read, curriculum used that year, field trips taken, and any other special things I want to record about the school year.

Intentional Monthly Planner - NEW

I hope you enjoy using this planner for whatever your needs are. I decided to make the planner cover an 18-month period, running from July to December of the following year. This will allow flexibility for those that want to use the planner for their school year, since homeschool families schedule their years in many different ways.

Available in ebook & softcover format!

I personally like to have the softcover versions because they are more convenient for me to use and store. But if you want a downloadable version, I am making this planner also available as an ebook! You can then download it and print as many copies as you need for your family.

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Simple. Affordable. Usable.

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