Any interest in a “Learn to write cursive” ebook?

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I have been kicking around the idea of creating an ebook on learning to write in cursive.  The Create Your Own Penmanship Pages Ebook Series fills the need for helping your child learn to print, but now I am wondering if a cursive ebook would be nice to add to my homeschooling ebooks that I offer on my site.

Unlike the manuscript print fonts that I use in the Create Your Own Penmanship Ebook Series, the cursive fonts that I have require me to apply a special formatting to them in order to join each of the letters in a word.  I cannot apply this formatting to the editable fields in the PDF file.  Without this formatting, the letters have spaces between them which is not how you want to teach your child to write in cursive!

So…although I cannot create an editable PDF file for cursive writing like I have done with the manuscript print, I CAN create my own ebook that will go through how to write each letter in cursive, how to join letters, etc., but the text will be all mine.  You will not be able to edit the ebook with your own text.

If there is an interest in this, I will start working on a cursive ebook that I can have available later this summer.  I am also needing to know which cursive font I should use.  Here are the fonts I am considering….

Would you do me a favor?  If you are interested in a cursive ebook, could you leave me a comment indicating your interest AND which font you would like?  More than likely, I can eventually create cursive ebooks for all the fonts shown above, but I need your help to know which one do to first!  Thanks for your help!

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    1. Hi Heidi, I do actually have a cursive ebook that is close to the Abeka font. I had to remove all reference to "Abeka" from my ebook due to a trademark infringement, but my ebook Simply Cursive uses the Abeka font. You can find it for sale here and it is available in ebook and softcover format:
  1. I would love to have any penmanmanship book- print and cursive- using the Getty Dubay Italic font. I am teaching my children this font, but it is so hard to find any extra books using this font. Sheri, thanks so much for helping us as we train our children in the ways of the Lord. Even in penmanship, we are learning one of the fruits of the Spirit- patience! smile
    1. I am not able to do the Getty-Dubay in my "Create Your Own Penmanship Series" because of licensing restrictions with the font. I can create a penmanship ebook with my own text, but I cannot embed the font in the editable fields. I am considering doing a GD cursive ebook though. Thanks for commenting!
  2. I would have loved to have an ebook for cursive 10 years ago, but I still might buy one since I still have one more to teach cursive. We use D'Nealian and Zane Bloser.
  3. I would be interested in either Abeka or D'Nealian. My older kids learned using Abeka years ago but D'Nealian looks similar so either would be fine for us. My 51/2 year old is getting ready to start writing and reading soon so this would be very helpful.
  4. I would welcome an Ebook about cursive handwriting. I am a teacher and remember that we were taught Getty Dubay Italic Font. Many students nowadays have no idea where to start with cursive. Thanks Sheri!
  5. I am interested. We use D'Nealian for our cursive. I really need to work on this with my son. :) I love the editable eBooks for my other son who is learning to print. Thank you for all you do! :)
  6. I would like a Create Your Own Penmanship Pages--Cursive in the A Beka Font. We have been purchasing our handwriting through A Beka for years, it does get very pricey.

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