2 Books I Finished This Week + Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

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Books Read This Week - 04-01

It has been a good week and the weather here in Kansas has been beautiful! The grass is turning green, the flowers are coming up, our fruit trees are blooming. I just love this time of year! I was able to finish up two books this week and have a bunch more I am reading. Have I said before how much I love to read? I have learned so much through the years about all kinds of subjects – from spiritual matters to crafts to cooking to home business. What have you learned recently? Why not pick up a good book and get started!

Here are the books I finished and the ones that I plan on reading this coming week.

2 Books I Finished This Week


You Are Loved

You Are Loved – I finished reading this book this past weekend and I can’t say enough how great this study was!  I still have a few days of Bible study to do to finish up this week and I am sorry to see the study end. I really enjoyed doing Bible study with this method (the SOAP method), and look forward to continuing to do studies this way using The Intentional Bible Study Journal (coming soon!).

Simple Secrets

Simple Secrets (Harmony Trilogy-Book 1) – This book was full of mystery and suspense, and I thought it was very good. Nancy has a wonderful writing style that pulls you into the character’s lives. I learned a lot about the Mennonite history and traditions, and about truly leaning on God through troubled times. Excellent read!

Books I Plan to Read This Coming Week

Rush Revere and the American Revolution – This is our current read aloud with the kids. We just have a few chapters left, so we’ll most likely finish it this week. While it is a little different than the regular historical fiction that we have been reading, we are enjoying it. After we complete this book, I have more books I want to read on the American Revolution. Watch for those recommendations coming soon!

The Art of Work – I am almost done with this book. It has been very encouraging and I have learned a lot about pursuing your passion. Many times we get bogged down with life and forget that God has placed us here for a purpose. God has a wonderful plan for each of us! I highly recommend this book!

Simple Deceit (Harmony Trilogy-Book 2) – This is the second book in The Harmony Trilogy series by Nancy Mehl. I really enjoyed Simple Secrets (Book 1) and look forward to continuing the story in Book 2 this week!

Simple Choices (Harmony Trilogy-Book 3) – I’m not sure if I will get to Book 3 in this series, but maybe!

Trivium Mastery – I have had this book and read it before, but I decided I needed to re-read it. Diane Lockman does a wonderful job explaining how to teach your children skills instead of subjects. I totally agree with this idea and wanted to refresh my memory on some of the points she shares in the book.

For the Children’s Sake -I am still making my way slowly through this book and really enjoying it. There is a lot to think about as I read, so it is taking me longer than I thought to finish.

Own Your Life – I am currently studying through this book with a friend. We read a chapter a week and then discuss together via email or Skype. This study has been so good and I highly recommend it!


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