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I have really benefited from my Bible study time using the SOAP method and decided to create a journal that you can use to record your thoughts as you study the Bible using this method.

To begin, you need to select the passages of Scripture that you want to study. You can either create this on your own or find some schedules already done on the internet. But before we get into selecting Bible passages to study, let me explain about how to use the SOAP method of Bible study:

How to Use the SOAP Method of Bible Study

S – Scripture: Choose 1-2 verses from the Bible passage read, record the reference and then copy the verses down. You will use these verses for your focused SOAP study and record your observations, applications, and a prayer.

O – Observation: Write down observations about the Scripture you just read. What is God trying to say?

A – Application: Personalize what you just read by asking yourself how it applies to my life right now.

P – Prayer: Write down a prayer about the truths in this Scripture asking God to help you apply it to your life.

How to Select Bible Passages to Study

Now that you understand how to use the SOAP Bible study method, let’s talk about some ideas for selecting passages of Scripture to read and study:

1. Choose a book of the Bible to study through and simply read a chapter a day.
2. Use any Bible reading plan of your choice (see lots of links below). After reading the selected passages for the day, choose 1-2 verses to study and begin!
3. Do a topical study (see some links below).

In the Word – Intentional Bible Study Series

In the Word Bible Study Series  In the Word Vol. 2

In the Word is a 6-volume book series that will guide you through reading and studying the Bible in 3 years. While these studies are based on the SOAP Bible study method, this series will give you a chapter (sometimes more) to read and study each day. It is undated, so you can pick back up where you left off, with no feelings of guilt or being “behind” if you miss a day or two.

What You Need

1. a Bible

2. a journal (You can just use a spiral notebook, a journal of your own, The Intentional Bible Study JournalIntentional Quiet Time Journal, or the In the Word series.)

3. a pen


1 & 2 Peter Study at Love God Greatly

Esther Study at Love God Greatly

Road to Christmas Study at Love God Greatly

Bible Reading Plans at Bible Gateway

Read through the New Testament in a Year (5 days a week) – This plan would be great for beginners!

Another Read through the New Testament in a Year Plan

Huge list of Bible Reading Plans

Another huge list of Bible Reading Plans

My SOAP Studies

As I study through different books of the Bible, I will be posting my reading schedules here on my site. Feel free to use these or make up your own!

1 & 2 Peter Reading Schedule

1 & 2 John Reading Schedule




Intentional Quiet Time Journal    The Intentional Bible Study Journal


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