Seeds Family Worship Album {free download through Thanksgiving}

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Seeds of Praise Album {Free Download through Thanksgiving}

This is how I want to live my life, with hands lifted high, my life lifted high in praise to God.

As Thanksgiving draws near, I have been reflecting a lot about giving thanks.  How important and maybe necessary it is to express my gratitude to others and especially to the Lord.

Ann Voskamp, as always, posted a very thought provoking post recently on “Thanksliving“.  This time of year many of us do focus on giving thanks. We begin a gratitude journal, we post things we are thankful for on Facebook or our blogs.  But Ann’s post dives into the fact that our thanks need to go beyond just the “giving” of thanks to the “living” thanks.

Living our lives as a continual gift back to the Lord.

Not just voicing our thanks but asking the Lord what we are to do with it.

Living a life of gratitude is living a life of doing.

Seeds Family Worship desires to see God’s Word in every home. From now through Thanksgiving, Seeds Family Worship is offering their Seeds of Praise Vol. 3 as a free download. This is one way they are living out a life of praise and gratitude to the Lord, by blessing others with one of their albums.

I am seeking the Lord about this “thanksliving” and what it would mean for me. I don’t want to live my life just voicing my thanks, but living it out.

Living a life of gratitude does not come and go with the seasons or the holidays.

But it should be who we are all the time.

Enjoy your free album from Seeds Family Worship, then ask the Lord what this “thanksliving” might mean for you!

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  1. Hi Ms Sheri! Just wanted to say thank you for the Seeds of Praise download. My 10 yr old was humming along with it after about a minute of listening & singing & dancing after another minute. lol This is an awesome way to help teach him God's Word & have fun while doing it. The music is good too.
  2. I just tried this and it didn't work. It says, "The minimum price is $9.99." I followed the directions as stated.
    1. Hi Laura, I am not sure what is going on or why it isn't working now. I downloaded my copy last night just fine. All I can say is check back later today or tomorrow. It is supposed to be available through Thanksgiving, so you do have some time to get it downloaded. If I hear anything about this I'll send out an update on my blog. Thanks for letting me know!
      1. I am so sorry Stacy. I'm not sure what is going on. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon so people can download the album again.
  3. I read Ann's post too, and was moved. Am I Thanks Living or Thanks Dead? Very good word. Thank you for the link to the free CD. I am downloading it now, and we will have an opportunity to listen to it today. May the Lord bless you as He shows you how to Thanks Live.

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