Scripture memory is such an important part of our relationship with the Lord. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts can reap such great benefits…it changes us. If that is so, then why is it so hard for us to get into a regular habit of memorizing Scripture. I have to admit that we have not done Scripture memory on a regular basis and the Lord has prompted me to do something about it.

I recently found a wonderful Scripture Memory System that we are going to do.  I plan on sharing all the verse cards (in PDF file format) for you to download..for free…right here on my website!    Check back as I will be adding more cards every so often.

Verse Card Instructions:

These verse cards are formatted to print on 3×5-inch blank index cards. Be sure to change your printer properties to reflect the page size as 3×5-inches, otherwise it may print wrong.

I will be adding more card sets as I make them up.  Enjoy!

Verse Card Maker! This link will take you to a free verse card maker.  Simply type in the reference, click a button, and it will create verse cards you can print and cut out.

Click the links below to download the Verse Card sets:


Verse Card Set #1

Verse Card Set #2

Verse Card Set #3

Verse Card Set #4

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