Naming His Gifts: #54-#65

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Last week was a long week.  Sickness visited our home and four out of the seven of us were sick at some point.  But you know, even in the midst of the long days and nights, there were still gifts to be named and counted…










My Gratitude Journal from this past week…

His Gifts ~ #54-#64:

pony tails on little girls

a warm blanket

a son with spiritual questions

the dark early morning hours

sickness that slows us down

making beauty with paint

God’s creation ~ the birds!

children coloring for hours

my daughter’s senior pictures

being accepted as an advocate for Compassion

reaching out and loving “the least of these” in Jesus’ name

reading a good book to my kids

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Photos:  coloring, painting, and birds at our house this past week

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    1. Diane, She did sell some painted cards quite a few years ago, but not any more. I think she could do some artwork on cards or framed paintings, etc., and sell them on Etsy. Maybe that will be something she can look at after she graduates! Have a great day!

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