I never realized the possibilities you have to earn an income when you have a website! I have so enjoyed being able to be home to train and educate my children. I wouldn’t trade it for anything! But…the reality sometimes sets in when you only live on one income. I have done my best to cut costs where possible, make things from scratch, and have enjoyed searching out ways to save money. What I want to do with this page is provide you with information and links to possible ideas for making an income at home. Well…here we go! Enjoy!


The big thing today seems to be the affiliate programs. I have to admit that there are lots of opportunities if you look for them. You can become an affiliate and promote a product that you either have personal experience with or know about. When a purchase is made, you get a small portion of the sale. Many companies rely on their affiliates to “get the word out” on their products. You do have to be careful, though, that you are recommending products that don’t compromise your standards and would not be something that you personally would not use. This is my personal opinion. I have found that the companies that sell alot of the products that I have used and really like have affiliate programs! What a way to earn a little income while at the same time recommend products that you love.

Here are some opportunities for making an income at home:

  1. Amazon.com – Amazon currently has an associate program. By becoming an associate, you can use your associate link to post Amazon products on your website. When someone clicks through to Amazon from your website and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale.
  2. Payloadz – You can sign up for a FREE Payloadz account and sell your own eBooks! You will need to set up a free Paypal account in order to be able to use Payloadz.
  3. PayDotCom.com – Similar to Payloadz and its FREE! This site allows you to 1) sell your eBooks through them, or 2) be an affiliate and promote products listed in their marketplace. Right now they are running a promotion – sign up for a FREE account and then refer your friends! Receive $5 for every person that signs up through your recommendation! Sign up now while it is still free!
  4. Clickbank – You can become an affiliate, go through their marketplace and select products you want to promote on your website. You then get a percentage of the sale.
  5. Christian Book Distributors – This is similar to Amazon’s associate program. You can sign up (for FREE) to be an affiliate. By using your affiliate link, you can promote CBD products. When a sale is made you will receive a percentage of the sale.
  6. CafePress.com – If you enjoy doing some graphics design, this might be just the thing for you! Sign up for FREE and create your own storefront. Upload your graphics design (no copyrighted material allowed-must be original) and use that graphic to design all sorts of products (t-shirst, totes, mugs, mouse pads, etc.) They have a base fee for these products and then you add onto that price how much you want to make on the product. CafePress takes care of the products, taking the payments, and shipping out the orders! You can also sell CDs and books through them as well. They will publish your book, bind it and sell it. See their website for more details!

Other money-making ideas:

I would encourage you to take a look at your family and take note of the gifts and talents that the Lord has given each member. How can those gifts and talents be used as a ministry to others? Can these gifts work together to form a small family business? [Depending on what ideas you pursue, you may need to check with your local authorities to make sure you don’t need any special licenses or permits.]

Here are some ideas that might get you started . . .

  1. If you are gifted in some sort of craft such as painting, woodworking, crocheting, knitting, sewing, etc., why not offer your products for sale! Sell your products at craft fairs or sell them from your website if you have one. [We have pursued this option! My daughter is selling hand-painted greeting cards and is really enjoying it. I enjoy knitting dishclothes and have kicked around the idea of selling those.]
  2. Make homemade soap and sell it.
  3. Have a large garden and sell the produce at the local farmer’s market.
  4. Make and sell homemade baked goods such as cookies, pies, or breads.
  5. If you enjoy writing, write and publish your own eBooks! [I have pursued this option! See my eBooks by clicking here!] Check out Crystal Paine’s The Merchant Maiden eBook or my ebook, How to Write and Publish an eBook for Almost Free!  There are a ton of ideas out there…go check these out!

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