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Beeyoutiful is a wonderful website filled with lots of healthy goodies for you! This company sells the well-known SuperMom vitamins and much more!


GOOT Recipe – Garlic Oil Salves for What Ails You

This is a recipe for GOOT, a homemade salve that you can use for colds and flu.

Winter Home Remedies
Here are several remedies dealing with cough, sinuses, and strep throat.

Cinnamon Yogurt for What Ails You
This is a recipe to make cinnamon yogurt…a yummy treat to give your children (and you) when you are sick!

Cinnamon & Honey for What Ails You
Some simple ways to use cinnamon and honey when you are sick. Lists all the health benefits of both of these!

Virgin Coconut Oil and Its Health Benefits
You will not believe how GOOD Coconut Oil is for you! Take a look!

Healthy Steps: Home Remedies
Here are some more great ideas to treat illness.

Immune Boost Recipe
Here is a recipe for a drink you can make to boost your immune system!

Garlic Tea
Here is a recipe to make Garlic Tea for colds and flu.

** I will be adding more to this section as I find more remedies to share! **


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