Homeschooling Preschool the Easy Way

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Being a homeschool mom with children of varying ages, I needed a simple way to incorporate my little ones into our homeschool day.  I don’t believe that preschoolers (3 and 4 year olds) need formal “schooling”, but if your kids are like mine, they want to “do school” like the big kids.  

So I went on a quest to come up with something simple that I could use with them.  Something that I could just sit down with them with no preparation on my part and work through with them.  

Beings how much I LOVE notebooking, I decided to try this concept with my little ones.  I decided that I would put everything I wanted my preschooler to learn in a notebook…nice colored pages printed on cardstock paper and slipped into sheet protectors.  

Yes…this is what I did and from that came my ebook, Learning for the “Littles” – A Preschool Notebook. This is truly homeschooling preschool the easy way!

I thought I would take you on a little tour of my Learning for the “Littles” notebook…enjoy!

I have a few pages that deal with character training….I simply read over the page with my little one and then we talk about it.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_09

Next up are some Bible verse pages.  I just use these as a read-aloud and read through them every day.  You will be amazed how much your little one will memorize just by hearing Scripture read to them every day!

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_10

Now for the alphabet pages.  There is a page for each letter of the alphabet showing the sound(s) that letter makes.  There is also a place for your child to first trace the letter with their finger, then eventually begin writing the letters.  I start with letter recognition first, then move onto sounds later (and maybe not at all in the preschool year).

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_11

We then go over all the colors.  To start with I just point to the color and say what color it is.  After a while I then start to ask my little one “What color is this?” and allow them to answer if they can.  If they don’t know, I just tell them the color and we move on.  The important thing is to make this fun and not burdensome with them.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_12

After the color pages come the shapes pages.  I follow a similar method as the color pages to present these to my child.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_13

Next are a few pages coving the concepts of long and short, big and small, empty and full, etc.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_14

The number pages come next.  There are pages for numbers 1 through 10, with pictures for them to count.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_15

Next up are some pages with important dates and numbers (911) that you want them to memorize (birthday, address, emergency number, etc.)

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_16

Family pages are next.  These are fun, especially if you have family that you don’t see often.  There are pages for Grandpa and Grandma, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, etc.  Put a picture of the person in the box, and then write their names or something about them on the lines below.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_17

Next we cover the four seasons….

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_18

…and the months of the year…

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_19

…and the days of the week.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_20

If your child is ready to begin writing, you can use these alphabet pages for them to trace and then write each letter, then color the picture.

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_21

I also include some Bible copy work for you to use if you wish….but only if your child is ready!

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_22

Alphabet flashcards are included for you to print and cut out.  These are fun to use for all kinds of games.  I would do matching with the upper and lowercase letters.  Attach paperclips to the flashcards, turn several of them upside down on the floor, and “fish” for letters using a magnet tied to a string.  Fun!

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_23

Last, I include a huge list of fun recipes for your to use with your little ones…things like playdough, modeling clay, bubbles, homemade paints, and more!

Learning for the Littles-sample_Page_24

I have not included everything here that is included in the Learning for the “Littles” ebook, but you can get an idea.  You can use the pages I include in the ebook, or make your own.  I can’t begin to express how helpful this has been to me as I homeschool children of many different ages.  I love being able to put together my preschooler’s notebook at the beginning of the year, and they treasure it too!  They love having their own “school” book and it is so simple and usable that even Dad can sit down with them and they can read through it together.  Love it!

So now you have it…my humble advice on homeschooling preschoolers!

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