It has been a true honor to get to know Marc and Cindy Carrier of Values-Driven.  I have enjoyed communicating with Cindy through email and was privileged to be able to review most of their materials….and they are EXCELLENT!  I whole-heartedly recommend all these resources to you!  They will help you along and encourage you as you disciple your children!

The Values-Driven Family: A Proactive Plan for Successful Biblical Parenting
by Marc and Cynthia Carrier

So you’re not a perfect parent?!

The Values-Driven Family is a comprehensive guide to family life that was designed to powerfully equip imperfect parents as they press on in the monumental task of raising children for the Lord.

As Christian parents, we want our children to grow up loving and serving the Lord, with a character that reflects their faith–but we’re not always the greatest example, are we? And Sunday-to-Sunday church doesn’t seem to counterbalance all of the other negative influences out there, either. How will these things affect the outcome of this parenting adventure–and can we be sure that the 18 years we have with our children are being used to their fullest potential?

The “Values-Driven” paradigm equips you to succeed in this endeavor. By integrating faith into life, and learning to balance all of life’s essential elements, family members grow in Christlikeness together as they strive toward common goals. In a sense, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach because it rests on the authority and proven wisdom of God’s Word; on the other hand, it’s not a “cookie-cutter” solution for family success.

The Values-Driven Family is actually four books in one. It covers the fundamentals of family dynamics, parenting essentials, Biblical character development, and home management (yes, even budgets and schedules!)–everything the Bible has to say about family-related topics in a single, concise, easy-to-read-and-apply package.

Discover what so many others have–The Values-Driven Family is that single, comprehensive resource that brings it all together for Christian parents. It makes a great gift or ministry resource and it’s a book you’ll want to have on your shelf so you can return to it again and again along the course of your own parenting journey.

“If I had to sum up the feel of The Values Driven Family in one word, it would probably be ‘humble.’ I have read many parenting books, and so many of them are full of “you have to do it MY way” language. That was missing from this book, for which I was very thankful. …

I found that instead of being a “fix the kid” kind of book, VDF went to the heart of some of my own struggles. In my opinion, this book is more about relationship with the Lord, and also with our family members–not so much a step-by-step how-to book for having perfect-mannered children.”

Jenna Pinson, December 2007 Product Review at (now defunct)
The Values Driven Family fills a void by completing the parenting picture where other resources leave off. …

This is the kind of book to give to new parents or new Christians who need some good counsel regarding family life. Do you know some parents who could use a little help in raising their families Biblically? Give them the gift of The Values Driven Family, and they will receive not merely a little help, but a comprehensive proactive plan for successful Biblical parenting.”

Product review in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (Click here to read the complete review.)

Values-Driven Discipleship: Biblical Instruction and Character Training Manual
by Marc and Cynthia Carrier

As parents, we tend to react to our children’s misbehaviors and fail to address the underlying heart issues. Values-Driven Discipleship offers sound teaching and Bible verses that help you to focus on what really matters: getting God’s Word from the mind to the heart, so that behaviors are changed from the inside out!

Stewards—that’s what we are: entrusted by God with one of the greatest responsibilities known to humanity. God, in His wisdom, has given us mere mortals the awesome responsibility of preparing little humans (that is, our children) for eternity. It’s mind-blowing stuff. Have you ever pondered this reality? Have you ever wondered if you are doing enough? Is our effort proportional to the magnitude of this stewardship? Did God really know what He was asking of us? Can we handle this responsibility?

The good news is, He doesn’t leave us guessing about how we are to steward His possessions—our children. Early on, God gave His chosen people, the Israelites, instruction on how to fulfill this sacred trust: “And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up” (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

But even if you do recognize the obligation and the opportunity you have to encourage your children in character growth and in faith, it’s still a daunting task. The Bible is a big book; children are, after all, children; and of course, life is busy!

Wouldn’t you love to have a quick-reference resource in your home that would empower you to teach your children the Scriptures by theme, encouraging them in the character traits that are of greatest value to God?

Review the Values-Driven Discipleship table of contents to see the wealth of wonderful material that you’d have readily available to impress upon your children’s hearts, whether during quiet times or everyday “teachable moments.” The manual features a handy index of behaviors and character traits so you can find what you need in seconds–and all the verses are completely written out, so you don’t need to dig through multiple volumes or cross reference with your own Bible to find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

Likewise, Dads appreciate being able to pull out this comprehensive teaching tool at family devotional times; it reduces preparation time and offers topical teachings that are relevant and attention-grabbing for the children. Values-Driven Discipleship offers tips on maximizing Bible reading and prayer times, and also includes Scripture Memory methods for the whole family.

Make the most of every opportunity and proactively encourage your children to grow in Christlike character. Get your copy of Values-Driven Discipleship today; it’s well worth the investment!

Values Driven Discipleship is clearly a visionary product for equipping parents who are serious about fulfilling their biblical mandate for instilling faith into their children. Parents will be referring back to this resource repeatedly when they are looking for the just-right Bible passages to bring God’s Word into life’s teachable moments. The effects of proactively bringing Scripture into our children’s day-to-day discipleship will carry into eternity. Even more importantly, it’s a comprehensive devotional tool that will empower parents to instill the building blocks of faith into the hearts and minds of our children.”
Steve Nelson; Pastor, homeschooling father of seven children, and author of Premeditated Parenting
“Being a homeschool mom, my deepest desire is to disciple my children….How many of us have the time to stop, get our Bible, and find some verses that pertain to the issues we are addressing with our children? It isn’t a problem to have a planned Bible curriculum or Bible study that you go through each day as a part of your homeschool day, but what about every other hour of the day? Don’t you wish you had a resource that you could quickly and easily flip to the appropriate character issue and begin looking at and reading verses together with your child? Well, Marc and Cynthia Carrier have provided such a resource!…I have had the privilege of previewing this book and using it with my children. It has been so helpful. I have used it in our morning devotional time, focusing on a specific core value that we need to work on. Now I am striving to claim those “teachable moments” and use this resource to point my children to the Truth of His Word all throughout the day. I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful resource!…Values Driven Discipleship is a MUST for every parent. It is the resource that you will find yourself going to again and again throughout the day. It may very well be the most important parenting resource you will ever own!
Sheri Graham; Graham Family Ministries, homeschooling mother of 5 children

The Growing Homeschool: Integrating Babies and Toddlers into Your Already Busy Schedule
by Cynthia Carrier

We homeshooling Moms wear many hats. We often feel pressured to perform and wonder if we can truly do it all. Throw little ones into the mix, and our days can quickly become overwhelming. The Growing Homeschool can help!

As a homeschool Mom, you’ve probably asked yourself some of these questions:

>> How do you homeschool older children and adequately nurture your little ones?

>> Is it possible to keep a clean house, raise infants and toddlers, homeschool–and more?

>> Can you successfully “do it all” and enjoy doing it?

As a homeschooling mom, your day is full . Juggling home management, family, ministry, often work-at-home, and your children’s education is a challenge. When you add infants and toddlers into the mix, things can get downright hectic. The Growing Homeschool can help you not only survive, but thrive!

You will discover the difference between balance and integration, and how to leverage both for maximum effectiveness. Learn from an experienced, but in-the-trenches homeschool mom of six how to prioritize, develop a workable routine, address the needs of different ages and stages of children, homeschool with greater ease, keep the little ones productively occupied during school time, and—most importantly—continually focus on the things that are of greatest value to God.

View the Table of Contents

With your purchase, you’ll receive 17 pages of FREE “Homeschool Helpers,” including worksheets, templates, and a unit study supplement!

“This book spoke to me in four key areas: 1) what to do with the little ones and not feel like you are ignoring them for hours at a time (not that you really can but sometimes it feels like it), 2) ideas on how to nudge the older ones out of the proverbial academic nest, 3) the concept of integration versus balance–that has created a paradigm shift in my thinking about how I handle my life circumstances–and 4) examples of what it looks like to teach core values no matter the circumstance–even a little baby.”
Stephanie Buckwalter; author, homeschool mom of five children, and owner of
“The most significant thing I took away from this was focus. While being assured that I am not alone in my struggle to balance all the demands of home management, motherhood, and homeschooling, I was also reminded that homeschooling is not, first and foremost, about academics. Academics are important, but the most important thing is the discipleship of our children. Cindy suggests that the thing for which we should be striving is not really balance, but integration . Wow! How true!

…There are suggestions for specific activities to keep little ones, of several different age groups, constructively occupied. There is help for training small ones in basic integrating-the-family skills. (This emphasis on keeping the family together as a family is something I greatly appreciated about the book. There is no “divide-and-conquer” mentality here.)

Finally, there are recommendations of very practical ways to teach important character qualities to our older children as they serve their younger siblings (and as we give their youngest siblings the extra attention required for their care). Based on twelve “core values” (see The Values-Driven Family for more information), these activities and emphases help us focus on building positive character, rather than simply correcting negative behavior. (Proactive is good!)”

Rachel Ramey; homeschool mom and owner of

Defeating Depression: Cooperating with God to Experience Victory over Negative Emotions
Downloadable audio seminar by Cynthia Carrier

The Blues. The Blahs. Discouragement, Despair, Depression. Whatever you happen to call those feelings, we all experience them at one time or another. Particularly as women, we are prone to ups and downs due to either monthly or pregnancy and nursing-related hormone fluctuations. Maybe clinical depression is hereditary in your family. Or sometimes, life just gets you down!

Whatever the cause, there is no easy cure and no “quick fix.” However, there are some practical steps you can take to fight back against emotional negativity. Do the practical things, and then get to the root of your emotional struggles by focusing on God and His Word. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood–and the battle is ultimately the Lord’s. Cooperate with God to experience victory over your negative emotions!

This jam-packed audio seminar package tells it like it is and is designed to help you overcome depression and chronic discouragement:

“Defeating Depression” 45-minute seminar on MP3
15-page ebook of Audio text
Accompanying 21-page personal journal for meditation and reflection
20 designed Scripture Memory Cards
“Mommy Care Package”–set of 6 audios from Cindy Rushton, valued at $36*
Uplifting and Inspirational audios from OneVoice
Click here to view text and audio excerpts from “Defeating Depression.”

View Journal Excerpt

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