If you are looking for a simple outline of steps to take, here is an easy path to take to teach your child to read. They are also all free to use and download!


Learn names and sounds of letters:

  • Introduce the letters of the alphabet using the ABC Picture Review Sheets.  I just LOVE these ABC sheets!  I printed them all out, doubled-sided, on white card-stock paper, and placed them in sheet protectors in a 3-ring binder.  Start at the beginning and introduce the first letter, “A”.  You can read the Bible story relating to the letter topic and then sing the little song that helps your child remember the letter name and sound.  We usually do one letter for two to three days, then add a new letter.  Each day we review all the ones learned by singing the little song with each, then going over the new letter being learned.  My 4 and 2 year old love doing this!  There are also flashcards you can print out and use for more review!
  • Play Starfall – STEP 1 – ABCs – Starfall is a wonderful site for teaching reading!  Begin with Step 1 where your child will learn all the letter names and sounds.  You can let your child choose the letters to work on, or have your child only work on the letters you have learned so far.

Beginning Writing

  • Do Starfall – ABC Printouts – You decide when your child is ready to start doing some writing exercises.  These printouts would work nice as they work on the Starfall website.


Learn to Read


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