How to Make Your Own Recipe Book

by Sheri Graham

1. Purchase a 3-ring binder, some sheet protectors, and tab dividers.

2. Print out a cover for your Recipe Book here , (or make your own) and slip into the front cover of your binder.

3. Print out the divider pages here , onto cardstock paper, (or make your own) and slip them into sheet protectors in your binder.

4. Label the tab dividers to correspond to each section of your recipe book and attach them to the divider pages.

5. Begin adding your favorite recipes! Add recipes printed from the internet, your family favorites, or from ebooks you have purchased. Be sure to slip all your recipes into sheet protectors in your Recipe Book. That way you can put two in each sheet protector…and protect your recipes from spills!

6. Finally, USE your Recipe Book! Pull it out when planning your menus and shopping lists for a quick and easy reference of ideas. Enjoy!

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