Homemade Pillow Cases

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I love making homemade pillow cases for my kids (and my husband and me too). They are so simple to make and are a perfect project for a beginning sewer. Recently we moved my 2-year-old daughter into her toddler bed. This meant it was time for a pillow…and her very own pillow case. I have made a couple different pillow cases for my older children and decided it was time for my 2-year-old to have one too.

So…our last trip to Wal-mart, I let her pick out some material for her pillow case (this pillowcase is shown above). My kids love the flannel material..it is so soft. But you can use any type of fabric you like. You can also watch for material on sale. Holiday fabrics go on sale right before and after Christmas. Sometimes you can get fabric for $1.00 a yard, making this a very inexpensive gift!

I thought I’d share the directions here for those that might want to give these a try. They make great gifts. There are so many pretty fabrics you can choose from too. Have fun! OK..now for the directions:


What You Need

1 yard of fabric (42″-45″ wide)
Sewing machine
matching thread
measuring tape
straight pins (I sew mine without pinning!)

How to Make It

1. Match selvages together, rights sides together. Pin sides and one end.

2. Sew, using 5/8″ seam allowance, one end of the pillowcase closed.

3. Sew along the selvage side.

4. Fold over the open end 1/4″ from the top (wrong sides together). Sew along this edge.

5. Fold over 3″ from the top (again to the wrong sides). Sew along this edge. (If you have a fancy sewing machine that does pretty stitches it is fun to do this in a pretty stitch!)

6. Turn pillowcase right side out and press with iron.

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  1. I love making pillowcases too.  They are so simple and fast and yet can be so cute and special.  This year I made each of my kids new pillowcases.  I let them choose the fabric as well as some coordinating trim.  I choose to make the wide hem just because I like the look of it better and sewed the trim along that seam hem line.  They turned out so cute.  One of my daughters chose a butterfly fabric and we even found a butterfly trim to match it.  My kids loved it so much that we have been making them for gifts for friends for birthdays.  I even just decided the other day while working through my 12 week Holiday Planner that I would make pillowcases for all my nieces and nephews for Christmas gifts this year.  My daughters will help me since they are becoming quite the little seamstresses too.  :)
    1. @99karin That is so neat Karin!  These are so quick and easy to make too.  They do make great gifts.  Thanks for the extra ideas!

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