Since there is so much confusion and unrest in the social media world right now, I thought I would create a page here on my site where I will keep an accurate list of where you can find me online. It has become very clear recently that some social media platforms have become a huge concern in regards to free speech, privacy, tracking, etc. So I am taking the time to streamline my social media presence, to narrow it down to a very short list. I would love to have you join me on these platforms! Choose what fits best for you!

Gab Social

Here is the link to my profile so you can follow me:

I am in the process of moving from Facebook over to Gab. I love that Gab stands for free speech, does not track what you post or what you click on, etc.

To join me on Gab, go here for directions on how to put an icon on your phone, how to create an account, etc.


Telegram is kind of like Twitter. It allows me to easily share items to my channels and it sends a broadcast notification out to anyone who is subscribed to that channel. Below you will see that I have several different channels. Sheri’s Main Channel is the one that I will use the most. The others I will use when I have something more specific to send out on those topics.

First, download the Telegram App (Desktop or Mobile)

Then, join my channels! Join my Main Channel or just choose a topic that interests you!

Sheri’s Main Channel (Join this channel if you want EVERYTHING!)

OR choose one of the topical channels below to join:

Intentional Health with Sheri

Health Freedom & Vaccine Info With Sheri

Homeschooling With Sheri

Reading With Sheri


Substack is a fairly new platform I am trying out. I love that I can simply write without the pressure of making everything perfect. This is where I will be doing some extra writing on current topics as the Lord leads me. 

Subscribe to my Substack here:

Right now you can sign up for a free subscription and get access to the archives of my weekly Intentional Inspirations newsletters. If you want more and want to support me in a small way, you can sign up for a paid subscription and get access to additional posts and chats! 


I don’t do much on Pinterest any more, but you can view my Pinterest account here: