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Ever wish you could sit and read the Bible like a good book, but get distracted by the chapter and verse divisions and footnotes? HIStory: The Reader’s Bible is for those who want to enjoy the reading experience of the Bible without all the distractions!

Scroll on down to view all the details of how this project got started! You can download the free PDF files or purchase the softcover versions at Amazon below.


Free PDF Downloads of Each Volume:

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 1 – Law {Genesis-Deuteronomy}

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 2 – History {Joshua-Esther}

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 5 – Gospels & Acts {Matthew-Acts}

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 6 – Letters & Prophecy {Romans-Revelation}


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HIStory: The Reader's Bible Vol. 1   Vol2-cover

—> Volumes 3 and 4 Coming Soon! <—


HIStory: The Reader's Bible Vol. 5 {Gospels & Acts}   HIStory: The Reader's Bible Vol. 6 - Letters & Prophecy {Romans-Revelation}


Coming Soon!

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 3 – Poetry & Wisdom

HIStory: The Reader’s Bible Vol. 4 – Prophets


History Behind This Series

This 6-volume set will contain the complete Bible, with each volume including a section of Scripture. Chapter divisions, verse numbers, and all footnotes have been removed, giving the reader a wonderful reading experience without all the distractions. I have also used a larger font (14 pt.) and line spacing, making it easier to read for those who find themselves frustrated with smaller print.

My prayer is that this Bible will meet a need among believers in Christ. While this edition of the Bible is not intended for deep study, that would require being able to cross-reference and look up specific verses, I pray that it will be used to draw you into His Story, as you read through the Bible. The Bible is the most important book of all, and I am excited to get it into this “easy to read” format for you to enjoy!

This 6-Volume Set Covers The Complete Bible:

  • Vol. 1 – Law {Genesis-Deuteronomy}
  • Vol. 2 – History {Joshua-Esther}
  • Vol. 3 – Poetry & Wisdom {Job-Song of Solomon}
  • Vol. 4 – Prophets {Isaiah-Malachi}
  • Vol. 5 – Gospels & Acts {Matthew-Acts}
  • Vol. 6 – Letters & Prophecy {Romans-Revelation}

Why create the HIStory: The Reader’s Bible volumes?

As I have gotten older, I am finding it harder to stay focused when reading smaller print. I was struggling reading my Bible because I kept losing my place and struggling to read. I bought a larger print Bible thinking that would help. It did a little, but I found that when I wanted to sit down and read large portions of the Bible in one sitting, that I continued to struggle with focus.

Then I had the idea of creating a Bible that would be formatted in a larger print size and line spacing, with all chapter numbers, verse numbers, and footnotes removed, and put into “book sized” volumes. My hope was that this would give me a Bible that I could use for the sole purpose of reading through the Bible and being drawn into HIS Story, without all the things that tend to distract me!

How are these volumes being created?

I decided to use a version of the American Standard Version Bible 1901 to create these volumes. This version has been updated to remove the old English language and make it easier to read (known as the World English Bible). This Bible is also in the Public Domain, meaning that it is free for me to use and publish myself. I liked the fact that the ASV 1901 is a literal word for word translation and is the version that was used when the NASV Bible was developed.

While I have not changed the text of the Bible at all, I have changed the format (removing the chapter numbers, verse numbers, etc.) and therefore cannot call this Bible the World English Bible. I chose a new name — “HIStory” because it is His story, and “The Reader’s Bible” because it is meant to be a read!

There were some concerns that I was doing translation work. That is not the case. I have made no changes to the text at all, but simply put it into a different format.

I also want to state that this Bible may not be for everyone, especially if you have a certain Bible translation that you and your family prefer to read. If you are unsure about this specific translation (the World English Bible), then feel free to take a look at the complete PDF files and/or research this translation yourself online.

What are the plans for future volumes?

The next volume I am working on is Vol. 5 which is the first New Testament volume and will cover the Gospels and Acts. I am hoping to have that one completed and available in a week or so. After Vol. 5, I anticipate completing Vol. 6 next (this volume will cover the rest of the New Testament), then going back and completing the remaining Old Testament Volumes 2-4.

Where can you buy these volumes?

One of my main concerns was that I wanted to be able to get this in print format (softcover) for a reasonable price. When I first did some projecting of costs, I thought it was going to cost around $20 per volume to publish these. However, after completing the first volume, and adjusting the book size a little to cut down on the number of pages, I was able to get the cost for Vol. 1 down to $13.99 (this price is just above my cost)! You can buy the volumes on Amazon (See the links for each volume above as they are available).

Why offer the PDF for free?

As I have said before, this project was not all about making money. My heart is to offer a Bible that provides an easy to read experience for those that struggle with focusing as I have. I know that some may not be able to spend the money to buy the softcover volumes and so I wanted to provide the PDF files as free downloads. Feel free to print the volumes or load them on your ereader devices. Consider them as my gift to you!

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