Get a $20 credit at Rue La La!

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I recently signed up at Rue La La and received a $20 credit in my account!  Now, I don’t appreciate all the items that they sell at this website, but in the past they have had some great deals on tennis shoes, cookware, and more!  You simply sign up and then within a few hours you will have $20 added to your account.  Then you can shop their current sales and find something you like.  $20 will be taken off your purchase!  Is that great or what!  Sign up is by invitation only…so this is your official invitation from me!

I am looking at using my $20 credit on this KitchenAid Toaster Oven…

I’d love to try to replace my microwave with this…we’ll see.  So why not head on over, sign up, and see if there is anything you want to spend your $2o on!  Have fun shopping!

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  1. I am so sorry everyone! RueLaLa contacted me back and informed me that this was a special promotion they were doing that ended October 25, 2010. Again, I'm so sorry :(.
    1. appears to me that they have removed the $20 credit information from the website. I have emailed them to see what is going on...I'm not very happy they did that...I felt I have misled you guys and that was not my intent at all! I was hoping to share a great deal with you! I'll let you know what I find out as soon as I hear back from them. Thanks!
  2. I signed up, but did not receive the $20 coupon/discount. I signed up via your link. Any ideas/thoughts? Thanks!
    1. Hi Donna! Sometimes it takes a few hours before the $20 credit shows up in your account. Do let me know, though, if you don't see it show up soon. I'll contact them or something if needed. Thanks!

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