My Trim Healthy Mama Results {before & after}

My Trim Healthy Mama Results {before & after} I finally decided to do a “before and after” picture! Many have been requesting pictures and I am sorry that I don’t have better ones to share, but I hope you can see a little difference (about 30 lbs. difference!) between the two.

The first picture was taken in July 2012 while on our vacation. We are standing in front of Mt. Rushmore!  The second picture is at my parents’ home (just 15 min. away!) in June 2013 when the kids and I helped them put up a wood fence.

As many of you know, I purchased the Trim Healthy Mama book in November of 2012 and began changing the way I was eating. I lost most of the weight by early summer 2013 and have been just maintaining since then.  I’d love to lose a little more, but I am more than happy where I am at right now. I went from a size 12 pants to a size 6. I don’t ever remember being in a size 6. Now I will admit that these size 6 jeans are the stretchy kind :)…but they fit! Yeah! I also went from wearing large sized shirts to mediums and smalls.

Trim Healthy Mama has been an answer to prayer for me. Now that I have the weight off, I need to start exercising (yep…the weight came off without exercising!)! I already feel so much better, but know that exercising will get me stronger and healthier.

If you are struggling to lose weight you can check out all my Trim Healthy Mama posts below:

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20 thoughts on “My Trim Healthy Mama Results {before & after}

  1. You look fabulous my friend, but I do have one question and it’s really the reason that has kept me from getting the book. I notice that a lot of the recipes use the microwave. I never use the microwave for anything. Do they have regular instruction as well or is it microwave or nothing?

    • They do have instructions for using the just takes longer :)! In fact they include both because one of the sisters does not use a microwave at all and the other one does. So they included both. I hope that helps Kim! Have a great day!

  2. Sheri, Thanks so much for sharing your journey and success! I borrowed Trim, Healthy Mama from a friend and am about halfway through it. After seeing your success with changing the way you eat I am ready to invest in the book. Happy 50th birthday to me! :) Thank you again!

  3. You look great Sheri! I have lost 25 lbs with THM too. I had heard about the book, but I bought the book after reading your posts on it. I highly recommend ttapp for exercise. I have been doing it since May and I have lost over 20 inches. I am more toned now (at almost 40, yikes!) than I was as a high school athlete. Plus it is only 15 min a day! Love it!

    • Hi Amy! Congrats on the weight loss…and inch loss! I have the T-Tapp DVDs too and did them for a while a couple years back. My plan is to do T-Tapp..the 15 minute workout…I just have to get started and get into a habit of doing it every day. Thanks for the encouragement to get going with it!

  4. Sheri…I just came across your site and feel so blessed that I did!! You look amazing!! I am so excited and encouraged to stay on my THM journey and life :) I started just a little over a week ago..I began with a FP week as a type of cleanse and jump start..I’ve lost 8 lbs so have encouraged me so much to keep going!! I look forward to reading your blog more! Thanks for taking the time to do this!!

    • Hi Jasmine! Congrats on a great start with THM! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog and pray that it continues to encourage you. Have a great week :)!

  5. Whoa! Lookin’ good, Sheri!
    I am needing to lose about 30 lbs., too.
    I have Graves Disease, and after a long time of remission, it decided to revisit me in 2012. This last year, I have been in “gain mode”, after “rapid loss mode”, (“Kathyisms”!). THM is the first ray of hope I have found, and I believe is what I’ve been asking from the Lord.
    …Well…back to the book!… <

  6. Hi Sheri – I just found your site yesterday. I am just getting into the THM and I love all the food. Your pictures are amazing! You look so tiny now, I don’t think you need to lose anymore weight at all! I am looking forward to having great success like you have had!

    • Dear Jan, Congrats on finding THM and I do hope you enjoy my site and recipes! Thanks for your compliments too :).