MatchCard Science – FREE Grade 3-8 science curriculum


Recently I ran across this website when doing some research for curriculum.  I was so excited to see some of the fantastic curriculum they offer on their site.  In fact, I will be doing a review soon of their grammar, writing, and spelling curriculums, so watch for those posts soon!

But what I want to make you aware of today is the science curriculum they are offering for FREE on their site!  It is geared for Grades 3-8, but could be adapted to younger and older children.  There are twelve units in this homeschool science curriculum, and each would take between four and eight weeks to complete. The twelve science unit studies are:

Light and Energy
Force and Motion
Human Anatomy
Nutrition, Health, Safety

Each unit includes printable MatchCards, as well as ideas for books to read, projects to do, and activities to do.  If you are looking for something to do for science with your children, go check this out!

Click here to go to MatchCard Science and download the units today!

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