A Simple Plan {Free Online Lesson Planner for the Homeschool Family}

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Ever since Mardel first announced that they were working on A Simple Plan, a free online planner for homeschoolers, I have been checking back every so often to see if it was available yet. Well, last night I checked and guess what…it is ready!

A Simple Plan is a unique online lesson planner designed to help you organize and plan every school year. With this FREE online planner, you can simply plan lessons, make assignments, keep grades, schedule events, and do so much more!

It includes a calendar, a lesson planner, book lists, reports to print, and more. It looks like they are still getting a few kinks worked out of the program, but it is currently available for you to go in and get your homeschool set up.

Discover all that A Simple Plan can do for you!

Click here to get started today for FREE!



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    Karin Owens says:

    Sheri, thanks so much for posting this is ready. I too have been excited to try this since I heard about it at the convention. I have already signed up and in to check it out.

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      I signed up too and look forward to maybe using it for this coming year to track our studies. How are you? Miss you!

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    Adele Hall says:

    I have been looking for a free or NEARLY free planner to use for our homeschool. I had not heard about this and just stumbled upon this last night and was plugging things in right and left. i love it, thus far! However do you know how long it is going to be there? My concern is that I will get it all in there and I will wake up one day and it will be gone. Is there a way to back it up?

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      Hi Adele, It is my understanding that this planner will remain free. But I would email them and ask about that and also ask about how to back up your account. I don’t think there is a way, but they could tell you how secure your information is. When you are logged in, click on the “Feedback” link at the top right of the planner and that will open up an email address for you to send an email to support. Hope that helps!

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